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20 SF Bars Where You Can Actually Meet People

It’s time and energy to get free from your corner booth during the usual place and mix things up.

Bay area is a transient town, and brand new people move right here each and every day. And you might circuitously think, “Hey, let’s get make brand new friends tonight,” often it is nice to combine things up and end in a spot where you could have fun with a person you’ve never met before. That’s where we are presented in. These aren’t places where you’ll quietly sip a $16 cocktail and wait to overhear that some body went along to the exact same college while you or read a familiar guide, but they’re also not so rowdy that you’ll be too intimidated to start out speaking with or dancing with someone you don’t understand.

the spots

Blondie’s Bar

540 Valencia St

The line at Blondie’s from the week-end versus how many people is crammed in to the club enables you to believe that this may be one of many few enjoyable bars into the city that follows fire code. That little bit of extra area makes a massive difference because|difference that is huge while friends are dancing within the audience from the stage when you look at the straight back, you’ll actually a glass or two in the club with some body you came across regarding the party flooring additionally totally dancing ironically.

Madrone Art Bar

500 Divisadero Street

The theme at Madrone modifications every from Motown Mondays to The Prince + MJ Experience to things like the No Theme Super Dance Party, and so does the crowd night. No real matter what though, let me reveal constantly great and also in the event that you don’t feel like dancing when you “rolled your ankle” at the office the other time, you’re going to own a very good time. Continue reading “Residence Cities”