The massive variance in pawn store provides

The massive variance in pawn store provides

  1. A diamond that is 1-caratresale value: $2.5k)
  2. A 2005 Kawasaki 205R bike ($2k)
  3. A Louis Vuitton bag ($535)
  4. A 500GB PlayStation 4 ($175)

They took these things to 4 pawn stores in Houston and asked to trade them in for that loan. Here’s just exactly what the provides appeared to be:

At one store, they certainly were provided a $1.4k loan for the diamond; at another store just in the future, the offer had been $200. That’s a 600% variance.

The bike (75% variance), handbag (33%), and PS4 (46%) got offers in closer proximity — but even a big change of $25 to $100 in loan amount could suggest globe of distinction for some body residing from paycheck to paycheck.

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