How-To Wire Condenser Fan Motors correctly in 3-Wire & 4-Wire designs

How-To Wire Condenser Fan Motors correctly in 3-Wire & 4-Wire designs

“My original condenser fan engine has three cables additionally the replacement condenser fan motor that I bought has four cables – did we choose the incorrect engine?”

This really is probably the most common post-transaction question that individuals receive from clients which have recently bought replacement condenser fan engines. To put it simply, no – you failed to choose the condenser fan motor that is wrong. While most initial condenser fan engines have only three wires, it is common for replacement condenser fan engines to own four. This guide will explain simple tips to wire your brand-new condenser fan engine employing a four cable setup or a three cable setup when making use of a solitary run capacitor or perhaps a run capacitor that is dual.

Overview of the elements:

In the event that you remember from our residential cooling period guide, outside condenser units use a switch known as a contactor. This switch is managed because of the thermostat and closes to accomplish a electric circuit whenever electricity should be provided to your condenser fan engine and compressor. Think about the contactor very nearly being a gatekeeper – two feet of 115 volt electric supply need to move through it in order for your body to operate correctly.

Condenser devices additionally make use of a component known as a run capacitor. Run capacitors enable condenser fan engines and compressors to efficiently run more and they’re ranked by way of a product of dimension called microfarad. Double run capacitors can be used for both your condenser fan engine as well as your compressor. Single run capacitors are employed solely for just your condenser fan engine or perhaps your compressor. Continue reading “How-To Wire Condenser Fan Motors correctly in 3-Wire & 4-Wire designs”